It is always alluring to get things for free in life, especially when money is becoming harder to earn and keep. With everything costing more on an annual basis, you may be tempted to save money on digital purchases with free apps. There are literally millions of apps available on different markets these days, and a lot of them can be had at a freemium price.

However, before you start downloading all the free apps you can find, it pays to understand why they are free in the first place. Why is it that some apps will offer things with no payment where others will charge real money for it? There are reasons why some apps are given away, and the intent is not always good.

Potential For Malware

Freemium apps are always going to be tempting for the general public, but there are risks with downloading some of them. There is the potential for these free apps to be more than what you expected, as they can have other things creeping along with them. You may find it loaded with adware and potentially unwanted programs which could end up being harmful.

A lot of adware is more an annoyance than anything, but it can certainly slow down devices and cause a lot of frustration. Other types of malware and unwanted programs may cause larger issues for you and your device, so it is always going to pay to be careful. Make sure you trust the source and know what you are getting before you download it for free.

In-App Purchases

Free is not normally ever actually free, hence the rise of freemium apps and programs. It may sound like a great deal to get an app for free, but once you start using it there are multiple purchases you need to make to unlock its potential. These in-app purchases are very common in free apps and can end up costing consumers much more than a premium equivalent.

Premium is a Safe Bet

While there is always risk involved with downloading anything, purchasing a premium app over the freemium counterpart is normally the right call. You can make one initial payment and gain access to everything you require, without all the additional in-app purchases. There also seems to be a better standard of service when you pay for something, so keep this in mind the next time you browse the app store.

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