Enjoy Access to Unlimited Apps


Enjoying available software on your iPhone and Macbook could be barred by something as unnecessary as your location. You might be wondering why such a small factor. Well! Here’s good news – no more geographical limitations. Just follow these steps below to gain access to the wealth of Apps; games and all that’d distinguish you from similar IOS users around you.

Change your country in the Apple store on your iPhone and iPad

As a lover of games, seeing potentially exciting games and not been able to access them could be torturing. Worry no more, we’ve got you covered. All you need is a working VPN change country App. Click on the App store icon on your home screen. Follow this with a tap on the “View Apple ID” link. A set of geographic settings pop up on your screen. After obliging the required sign in, select your desired country after clicking on the “change country” option. Click the “agree” option if anything pops up.

You might be required to update your payment details and update your local address for the new country you have just selected; this is no big deal nor a hindrance in any form. Simply use select any address that seems nice to you and as for the payment, use your iTunes gift card code, and you are good to go.

The work of the VPN you have earlier installed is to debar the app from recognizing your actual IP address thereby discovering your real location.

The VPN is essential. If you don’t have the VPN installed on your Apple device, you are missing out. It removes all imposed barriers to liberal usage of software. If you are leaving in a place like Australia, there are some games you naturally will not have access to by default. One of these games includes the Ispy games, Beats Music, Game pass and many more. This reality is not so for people living in Canada or Us, though the US also faces some of these limitations. The ideal locations to switch your country to would be New Zealand. They have unrestricted access in these regions.

Access more Apps on your Mac

After opening iTunes on your Mac, click on the App store option. Navigate down the page to where you’ll see the real icon of a flag, usually appearing in a circular form. Click on it a choice of country selection immediately pops up. To ensure the language on the increased number of Apps, you will gain access to are in English. It is advisable to select countries we have mentioned earlier. These countries are New Zealand, Canada, and the Philippines.

Create a new user identity

Creating this is simple. You need to create this identity to compliment your new region. If you have multiple email addresses, you could use the one you have previously not used for apple related registration before. If you don’t have an extra email, open another one.

Click on the “account” option on the open app interface and then sign out. Open the App store again after signing out and tap on the “account” icon under manage. You will already see a ‘Create Apple ID”. Input your new email address and desired password to create new Apple ID and under payment method, ignore by clicking on “none.” Finding the correct information to fill in your new location details should be a breeze. The final step would be to verify your email address, and finally, you have access Apps you have always wanted on your computer.

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